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04/12/2024 | Institute for Structural Engineering (IKI) | Institute for Water, Waste, Environment (IWAU)

2024 | April | Article in the Hessenschau

Ecological optimization of concrete products through the use of incinerator bottom ash (HMVA)

As part of the "HMV Eco-concrete" research project, the Resource Management and Waste Technology(Prof. Laner) and Construction Materials and Chemistry (Prof. Middendorf) departments at the University of Kassel are dedicated to the ecological optimization of concrete products through the use of incinerator bottom ash (HMVA). The aim of the project is to make concrete more sustainable and resource-efficient by processing and using HMVA as a substitute for natural aggregates and cement. The research results show that it is possible to process the fine and medium fraction of HMV ash so that it can be used in concrete products such as paving stones. This not only helps to conserve natural resources, but also reduces the environmental impact, for example by lowering theCO2 footprint of paving stones.


Research has already led to promising results, such as the production of concrete paving blocks that meet certain normative requirements. Nevertheless, there is still a need for research to further improve the properties of HMV eco-concrete and to expand the areas of application. The University of Kassel is keen to continue research in this area in order to optimize the use of HMV ash in precast concrete products and further reduce the ecological footprint.


The TV report provides insights into this exciting project and shows how science and practice are working together to develop sustainable solutions for the construction industry.