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Schneider construction tables

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No guarantee. The prices quoted by the staff at the time of sale are valid.

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At the SSC you will not only get the lecture notes, but also many exams from previous semesters, which can be very useful for exam preparation. If you don't want to print your documents yourself because the tome is just too thick, come to us. Most of the material is already available in digital form and we have fair printing prices. We also offer many office services such as scanning, copying, binding of lecture notes and other documents, etc.

The ServiceCenter is also responsible for the allocation of lockers. If you want to rent a free locker (deposit only!), just contact the SSC team during opening hours or send an email to:  stud.servicecenter14[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.  

In addition, there are various textbooks available in the student service center, in which you can look up topics during opening hours and also copy individual pages. Have a look!

Since the ServiceCenter is currently run by students from higher semesters, we can certainly answer your questions about your studies or give you some tips.

The Student ServiceCenter FB 14 is located in the building Technik I/II in Mönchebergstraße 7, on the third floor, room 3517.

The students of the department have been provided with lockers, for example to be able to lock up books and documents in the university. For a one-time deposit of 25€, each student can "rent" such a locker.

The student council manages the lockers on behalf of the department. Interested students can contact the team of the Student Service Center . Either in person (Mö. 7, R. 3517) or by EMail.

The lockers can be found in the building Technik I/II, Mönchebergstr. 7 (2nd floor) in the corridor of the Dean's Office Civil and Environmental Engineering or the Department of Transportation Engineering.

Opening hours

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Address & Contact

University of Kassel
FB 14 - Civil and Environmental Engineering
stud. service center
Mönchebergstraße 7
Room 3517

D-34125 Kassel

Service Center Team

Jean-Marc Sippel

Max Rohner

Service Center Team