Projects and networks


In the project "A Common Strategy: Hessian Research Data Infrastructures", eleven universities are working closely together to coordinate local processes and secure digital research data. Activities include training and information services, networked local research data repositories, and tools for handling active data. The goal is a strong research data landscape and better access to valuable data.

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The National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) makes valuable data from science and research accessible to the German science system. The NFDI, which is coordinated by the NFDI e.V. association, networks these data and enables them to be used in a sustainable, and qualitative manner. The aim is to create a permanent digital knowledge repository for new research questions and innovations. NFDI consortia, i.e. associations of institutions in a research field, work on the implementation in a interdisciplinary manner. Together, they shape research data management in Germany and participate in international initiatives such as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

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NFDI4Biodiversity has around 50 partners, including research institutions, associations, professional societies, governments, civil society initiatives and conservation organisations. The aim is a collaborative approach to making biodiversity data available for research and practice.

Kassel's participation in the consortium is beeing realised by the Department of Botany: "Our task is the user connection to the NFDI4BioDiversity network to exemplify the added value through data availability (TA1-2Involve)".

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