New Ma­ter­i­al­ist In­form­at­ics 2021

New Materialist Informatics, 22-25 March 2021

An in­ter­na­tional con­fer­ence that con­nects in­form­at­ics and the hu­man­it­ies & so­cial sci­ences through the in­nov­at­ive field of new ma­ter­i­al­ist re­search.

New Materialist Informatics 2021 is dedicated to exploring a sociotechnical approach to informatics and the relation between informatics and social, cultural, environmental and political domains. It is 11th in the series of new materialist conferences and it invites participants to investigate the possible intersections between, and beyond, new materialism and informatics. How can new materialism and informatics be brought together in ways that help build liveable and sustainable techno-lifeworlds? What new perspectives with regard to contemporary crises might emerge at such an intersection and beyond? What kind of conceptual and methodological tools are needed for new materialist informatics design and research? This conference wishes to include and go beyond the new materialist readings of computing and computational artefacts and generate innovative perspectives on how techno-worldings can be performed from a new materialist perspective. Participants will have a chance to attend hands-on workshops on March 22, 2021, paper presentations and keynotes on 23-25 March 2021 and demonstrations throughout the event.


New Ma­ter­i­al­ist In­form­at­ics: Com­put­ing and World­mak­ing

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