DeepL Translate for Confidential Documents

The IT Service Center has acquired a limited number of licenses for the very powerful translation software DeepL. Specifically, this is the "DeepL Pro Advanced for Teams" license. In contrast to the free DeepL version, the texts are not saved and reused by DeepL. This means that confidential documents can also be machine translated to a high quality.
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Each user account is allocated a monthly quota for the translation of up to 20 documents in PowerPoint (pptx), PDF, Word document (docx) or text file (txt) format. You can also have an unlimited amount of text translated - simply by copying and pasting - from DeepL.
During translation, DeepL creates correctly formed sentences in almost 30 languages. Nevertheless, the output must then be carefully checked for systematic mistranslations, as DeepL cannot understand or interpret the context.
A translation can be carried out directly via the DeepL website by uploading files or by copying and pasting the texts to be translated.
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The easy-to-install client software offers a number of advanced options.
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