Manage Access

There are basically 2 ways to use Rocket.Chat. One is via web access in a browser via the URL

and once via an app on PCs or mobile devices.

Access authorization

All employees who have a valid employment contract with the University of Kassel are authorized to log in.

External users can also gain access to You can find the instructions here.

Students can obtain access if they need it, for example, to work in a project group. To apply for access, please send an email to it-servicedesk[at]uni-kassel[dot]de stating why you need access.


Web access

For web access, go to the address and log in with your university account or the assigned external account.

Rocketchat Client on PC

If you are not using a PC managed by ITS (UKC), you can install the client.

Installation end users

The latest versions of the client can be found under the following links:



Apple Mac:


Installation for area administrators

If you want to install the Windows software via a software distribution software or on a terminal server, you should use the following parameters when calling the setup program so that the AutoUpdate message does not appear constantly:

rocketchat-version-win.exe /S /allusers /disableAutoUpdates

Further information on rolling out the client under Windows can be found here:

Rocketchat on mobile devices

Download Rocket.Chat from the App Store and open the app.


Decide whether Rocket.Chat is allowed to send you notifications.

Use as the workspace URL and click on "Connect".

Click on "Login" to log in with your account.


Download from the Play Store and open the app.

Use as the workspace URL and click on "Connect". You can log in with your Uniaccount.

After installation, you should automatically be asked whether Rocket.Chat can send you push notifications. If you are not asked, you can adjust the setting via "App info -> Notifications".

First use on PCs and mobile devices

After the software has been installed and you open the client for the first time, you must enter the URL of the server: and then click on "Connect".

Now you can log in with your Uni Account.