IFAC Symposium on Integrated Systems Engineering

September 27-29, 1994, Baden-Baden, Germany

Integrated systems approaches are necessary, more than ever, in order to solve today’s and tomorrow’s technological problems. The IFAC Symposium on Integrated Systems Engineering, held in Baden-Baden, Germany during September 27-29, 1994 focused on integrated systems perspectives and contributed to bridging the existing gaps between different fields of systems engineering.

The impact of computer science and knowledge-based decision support systems as tools common to all fields of systems engineering was particularly emphasised. Several major fields of systems engineering were covered, namely large-scale systems, computer aided systems analysis and design, intelligent systems, man-machine systems, manufacturing and robotics, transportation, automation in commercial aviation, industrial systems engineering, and several others.

Integrated systems engineering is a challenging cross-discipline, a fact which is often much more easily accepted and implemented in the organisational structures of industries than in academic circles. At this conference, both sides from industry and academia contributed and exchanged ideas, concepts, and solutions. This was also facilitated through the three plenary papers, three discussion sessions, and one case study session.