Contacts and Committees

External Representation: How is the Faculty represented to the outside world? What is the best way to reach potential new students?

Faculty Council (FBR ): The highest body of the faculty. This is where important decisions are made on examination regulations, new professorships, coordination of research priorities and development planning for the faculty. We are represented on the FBR by three elected members.

Student Council (FSK ): Exchange of all student councils of the university.

Equal Opportunity Committee: Equal rights for all people in the faculty, both in terms of study opportunities and personnel decisions.

Internationalization: Promote international cooperation between the University of Kassel and other universities. Supporting the exchange of all persons.

Structural Planning: Deals with the future organization in the areas of teaching and studies, equality, sustainability, information management, promotion of young talent, personnel development and much more.

Student and Academic Affairs: This committee discusses teaching in general. What can be improved and how? What new forms of teaching are there?

Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning (QSL ): This committee distributes funds from the state of Hesse. Among other things, funds are distributed for tutorials. We provide half of the members of the committee.


We are represented on various committees. If you have any suggestions or proposals, you can also contact the following people directly.

External RepresentationMarkus, Philip
Faculty CouncilNicola, Basti
Student CouncilMaxi, Emre
Equal Opportunity CommitteeNicola
Structural Planning


Study CommissionEmre, Adam, Markus, Nicola