Partners 2017

University of Kassel

The University of Kassel - founded as an orginal model comprehensive university in 1971 as a result of educational reforms - is characterized by a multilayered competence network that is unusual in Germany, focused on nature, technology, art and society. Those who are interested in academic achievement and professional prospects in these fields will find a broad range of stimulating and challenging study and research opportunities in the University's study groups, institutes, faculties, colloquies and research centres. The University of Kassel's balanced relations within its spectrum of fields in engineering, natural sciences and mathematics on the one hadn, and humanities, social sciences and the arts of the other are characteristic for its organic potential. Networking of these major subject cultures as equals offers unusual opportunities for interdisciplinary references and permits innovative cooperative arrangements. (Source: Mission Statement)

Distributed Systems Research Group

The Distributed Systems research group addresses in teaching and research a broad spectrum of distributed computing subjects ranging from theoretical foundations to applied system and software engineering issues. Current research areas are: design and implementation of context-aware, adaptive distributed systems, cooperative autonomous robots, socially aware computing and service-oriented architectures. (Source: Group Website)