Internet Architecture and Services R6a


Credits points: 6

60 hours course attendance; 120 hours self-study

Semester: summer

Language: English

Module type: elective

Module usability: M.Sc. Electrical Communication Engineering, B.Sc. Informatik, B.Sc. Elektrotechnik

Module duration: one semester

Required qualifications:
Module "Computer Networks" and "Computer Architecture"

Competences to be acquired

Ability to confidently select and apply analytical methods and solution approaches

Ability to independently develop computer science-relevant systems at a technical and model level and software-develepment level

Ability to be familiarized with new areas of knowledge and carry out relevant research

Ability to work on own initiative and in teams

Ability to apply and represent solution strategies



  • Elementary design principles of internet architecture, application-oriented internet protocols/services
  • Principles of operation of the protocols
  • Internet economics
  • Basics of multimedia communication
  • Distribution networks and data center networks
  • Current developments in the internet architecture and protocol landscape

Learning outcomes

  • Have a practical experience in the application of elementary internet protocols and insight into current developments in practice and research
  • Have depth knowledge of the functionality of application-oriented protocols/services and elementary internet architectures


  • Lecturer: Oliver Hohlfeld and team
  • Teaching method: lecture
  • SWS: 4
  • Credit points: 6
  • Examination: written exam (120 minutes)
  • Course identifier: FB16-N.N.