Optoelectronics Project Work P1a


Credits points: 6

60 hours course attendance; 120 hours self-study

Semester: summer and winter

Language: English

Module type: elective

Module usability: M.Sc. Electrical Communication Engineering, M.Sc. Elektrotechnik

Module duration: one semester

Required qualifications:
Knowledge of fundamentals in optoelectronics

Competences to be acquired

Create new or modify existing models according to the given problem

Analyze data series with respect to the given problem

Experience synergies in knowledge during the comparison and analysis of theoretical and experimental data

Literature and internet based investigation

Structured approach for solving a problem

Independent scientific work

Ability to work in a team and to exchange ideas

Presentation in the framework of a project



  • Theoretical model calculation using advanced software tools on problems at the research front
  • Example: calculation of laser spectra with the goal to optimize and design an advanced VCSEL with complex coupling (real and imaginary part in refractive index). This is done for a novel hybrid structure combining inorganic and organic materials
  • Variation of basic parameters, like Δn, measurements and evaluation of different characteristics
  • The simulations are defined according to general and actual problems in optoelectronics and are related to research topics of the working group

Learning outcomes

  • Practice in theoretical model calculations
  • Learn to understand basics and fundamental interaction of effects by a variation of geometric and material parameters
  • Learn how to design advanced photonic devices
  • Learn how to analyze and to interpret calculated theoretical data
  • Structure the analyzed data and parameter series in such a way that the uninvolved reader can understand and follow the argumentation
  • Methodology of project organization and project management, team work
  • Writing of a report and presentation of results


  • Lecturer: Hartmut Hillmer and team
  • Teaching method: project
  • SWS: 4
  • Credit points: 6
  • Examination: report and presentation
  • Course identifier: FB16-3178