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HiWi job in the FG Digital Technology

The Department of Digital Technology currently has openings for HiWi positions in various areas of digital circuit design
. If you are interested in applying your knowledge from
courses like Digital Logic, Programming in C/C++/Python, Machine Learning
or the VHDL course, just send an email to one of our research assistants
with your previous knowledge, strengths and interests.


Possible areas of work are:

  • Teaching support (Fabian Wagner, Nicolai Fiege).
  • High-level synthesis, especially modulo scheduling (Nicolai Fiege)
  • Hardware implementation of neural networks on FPGAs (Fabian Wagner, Nicolai Fiege)
  • Training neural networks for efficient hardware implementation (Fabian Wagner)
  • Using graph neural networks to solve various problems in digital circuit design (Nicolai Fiege)

You can find our contact addresses at: