Completed Master's theses

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Summer semester 2023

  • Dario Reißland, "Automated route planning with open data in medium-voltage grids".
  • Lina Gertz, "Analysis and exemplary implementation of operational asset management strategies using the example of maintenance planning".
  • Sebastian Mehte, "Development of a tool for the time series-based application of innovative optioning methods in highly utilized AC/DC systems".
  • Halime Baran Karadag, "Critical Clearing Time in Grids with Variable Penetration of Grid-Forming Converters and Synchronous Generators".

Winter semester 2022/2023

  • Jan Lipphardt, " Investigation of an ICT-based protection scheme for short-circuit events and an overload protection scheme ot reduce cascading outages on HV/MS grids".
  • Fabian Ungeheuer, "Automated generation of edge network equivalents".
  • André Jüttner, "Outage strategies of substations and switching stations - Automated review of existing processes with the help of pandapower".
  • Abdelouahed Admant, "Elaboration of new concepts for emergency power supply at the BMW AG plant 6.10. in Regensburg under the aspects of economic efficiency, technical feasibility, CO2 emissions and sustainability".

Summer semester 2022

  • Eric Tönges, " Analytical Threat Modeling for Power Systems".
  • Johannes Heid, " Simulative Research on a Modified VSM Control Scheme for Respecting DC-Side Active-Power Limitaitons".
  • Khalil Ben Safta, "Medium-scale Hydrogen Pipeline Network Design: An optimization-based planning method considering the existing natural gas network and allowing for pipeline conversion".
  • Sebastian Elias, " Relevance of unbalanced loads in low-voltage grids in the context of increasing electromobility".
  • Zhibai Lyu, "Stochastic Active Power Curtailment Optimization in High Voltage Distribution Systems Applying Participation Factor".

Winter semester 2021/2022

  • Pawel Lytaev, " Adaptive and Automated Distance Protection in Distribution Grids with High Distributed Generation".
  • Natalia Sanina, "Clustering to derive cross-sectoral problem regions for the location of future PtX plants in Germany".

Summer semester 2021

  • Chinmay D'Souza, " Implementation and Analysis of Grid-Friendly Control Strategies for Electric Vehicles".
  • Chenxing Yang, " Investigation of Innovative Characteristic-based Reactive Power Control Methods in the Distribution Grid".
  • Nael Al Zamel, " Creation and Application of Modules for Automated Evaluation of Efficiency Measurements on PV Battery Systems".
  • Michel Diesing, " Determining the influence of structural parameters of generic grids in the context of grid studies".
  • Nicolai Damm, "Modeling, analysis and evaluation of the consideration of grid operational degrees of freedom in the context of grid planning of the German transmission grid".

Winter semester 2020/2021

  • Christoph Möller, "Investigation of a surface and underground energy supply network".
  • Malikaazade Saadat, " Technical and economic effects of a conversion of neutral point earthing in industrial grids"
  • Niklas Stüber, " Evaluation and classification of a new method for grid monitoring".

Summer semester 2020

  • Christian Jähner, " Selection of grid utilization cases from time series for grid expansion planning in the high-voltage distribution grid".
  • Marius Schenk, " Potential analysis for the integration of power-to-gas plants in a local flexibility market, taking into account the effects on the gas grid"
  • Frank Fischer, "Feeding blue hydrogen into a natural gas pipeline".

Summer semester 2019

  • Freiran Wang, " Comparison and Optimization of Current Controlled Inverter and Voltage Controlled Inverter Models".

Winter semester 2018/2019

  • Christopher Böllinger, "Development and application of efficient methods in the context of time series-based grid expansion planning"
  • Julian Dollichon, " Heuristic Topology and Structure Optimization in the Urban Distribution Grid".
  • Martin Scharf, " Investigation of the effects of storage operation management on the network utilization of distribution networks using time series-based load flow simulations"

Summer semester 2018

  • Zhangshun Lu, "Implementation of an Unsymmetrical Short Circuit Current Calculation and the Application in the Planning of Compensated Medium Voltage Grids".
  • Nico Leverkus, " Development of a Methodology for Estimating Cumulative Feed-in Time Series of a Distribution Grid Area".
  • Florian Spickhoff, " Model-predictive temperature control of a calorimeter".
  • Marcel Dipp, " Validation of methods for estimating distribution grid demand using cluster analysis".

Winter semester 2017/2018

  • Kai Philipp Fischbach, " Development, Implementation and Comparison of EMT and RMS Voltage Source Inverter Models for Micro Grid Applications".
  • Tobias Fieseler, " Automated Fuse Dimensioning of Low Voltage Grids in the Sincal Data Model".
  • Alexander Klingmann, "Grid reconstruction of a distribution grid island by means of a grid replacement system and penetration of renewable energies".

Summer semester 2017

  • Philip Schmoll, " Comparison of simulation models of a PV system in 'DIgSILENT PowerFactory' and 'MATLAB/Simulink' for dynamic grid studies".
  • Nijat Atashov, "Influence of measurement inaccuracies and measurement errors on grid observability and state estimation".
  • Hossam Nasser, " Development of generic simulation models for photovoltaic systems".
  • Jan Ulffers, " Investigation of the influence of grid structure simplifications on grid expansion forecasts using real medium-voltage grids".
  • Manuel Nuhn, "Modeling and investigation of the dynamic behavior of photovoltaic systems in low-voltage grids".

Winter semester 2016/2017

  • Jannis Kupka, " Non-discrimination and active power loss minimization of dynamic feed-in management in electrical distribution grids".
  • Christin Flottmeier, "Analysis of the influence of the Incentive Regulation Ordinance on investment decisions in grid planning".

Summer semester 2016

  • Koldo Zabla, " Stability Studies for Off-Shore VSC-HVDC Connected Wind Generation".
  • Lasse Tigges, " Agent-based reactive power optimization for voltage stability and active power loss minimization at medium voltage level compared to local reactive power injection".
  • Georges Mbewou, " Power System Load Modeling for Restoration Studied with DIgSILENT PowerFactory".
  • Phil Kurbjuhn, "Optimized Placement and Dimensioning of Energy Storage Systems in the Distribution Grid of Westnetz GmbH for the Creation of Smart Grid Solutions".

Winter semester 2015/2016

  • Nils Gerisch, "Plausibility check of measurement data from a low-voltage grid and evaluation of photovoltaic feed-in".

Summer semester 2015

  • Valentin Rauth, "Optimized Control of Lithium-Ion Battery Ageing".

Winter semester 2014/2015

  • Jonas Haack, " Bilevel-optimization for grid supporting operation of PV-battery systems".
  • Jonas Schiel, " Test and optimization of different operation management algorithms for feed-in power limitation of PV battery systems".
  • Michael Knoop, " Creation of representative solar radiation and household load profiles to determine the performance of PV battery systems".
  • Anja Hettrich, "Grid Impact Analysis and Economic Assessment of Market Price-Driven Operation Strategies for Residential PV Storage Systems".
  • B. J. Burgenmeister, " Investment Decisions in Decentralized Photovoltaic Storage Systems".
  • Franziska Meyer, "Development of a Matlab function for local static voltage control in agent-based distribution grids using the example of a French test grid".

Summer semester 2014

  • Bastian Junker, "Methods for predictive grid operation management of a distribution grid using photovoltaic feed-in forecasts".

Winter semester 2013/2014

  • Dirk Schmidt, "Alternative distribution grid topologies to increase the capacity of low-voltage grids for decentralized generation plants".
  • Marcus Ehmann, " Demand side management with PV heat pump storage system in low-voltage grids: a German case study".
  • Wolfgang Kehrer, " Autonomous Voltage Control Strategies in a real US Distribution Grid with a high PV-Penetration".
  • Sebastian Raab, "Possible applications of large-scale battery storage systems in medium-voltage grids with a high wind energy share".

Summer semester 2013

  • Jannes Kreis, "Economic potentials in the energy management of municipal utilities, analysis and optimization of the power supply of the Simmershausen waterworks".
  • Gustav Lammert, " Dynamic grid support in the low-voltage grid".
  • Thomas Kral, " Implementation and analysis of control algorithms for voltage maintenance by photovoltaic inverters using rapid control prototyping".
  • Michele Velenderic, "Integration of arbitrary power measurement into the IEWS online extrapolation of the fed-in power of wind turbines".

Winter semester 2012/2013

  • Divine Isabelle Winter, " Investigation and integration of an energy storage system in photovoltaic systems".
  • Moncef Labed, " Comparative evaluation of scenarios for the integration of photovoltaics using automated grid planning methods: Case study with integrated simulations of medium and low voltage until 2030".
  • Falk Gerner, "Development of a methodology for the creation of driving cycles for electric vehicles".