Safe control unit for trailer couplings according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL-B

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  • Traditional trailer hitches are rigid or manually removable.
  • Electrically extendable trailer coupling offers high comfort.
  • Control of an electromechanical system for a trailer coupling is relevant to safety.
  • Control unit developed according to ISO 26262.

Solution approach

  • Safety requirements of the control unit according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL-B.
  • 1oo2D ReSCUV1 safety processor.
  • ReSCUV1 evaluation board as ECU platform.
  • FreeRTOS as real-time operating system.
  • Mechanical model for testing all functions.
  • Sensors and actuators of the mechanical setup:
    • DC motor for moving the clutch.
    • Solenoid for mechanical locking.
    • Limit switch for position detection of the mechanical system.
    • Rotary encoder for position detection of the mechanics.
    • Diversified detection system with limit switch and rotary encoder.
    • Hall sensor for position detection of the solenoid.
    • Redundant reading of signals from all sensors are used in the ReSCUV1.
  • Software comparator implementation on FreeRTOS compares in real time the safety-relevant parameters of the system as well as sensor and actuator data.