Project, Seminar and Thesis Work

Our research group deals with the interaction between technology development and society. For software development processes, for example, this means that the contexts of technology use, the experiences and needs of future users should be taken into account, from the requirements analysis to the finished application. However, IT systems should not only be accepted by individual users or target groups in their application, but they should also be socially acceptable or desirable. As far as the social embedding of technical development is concerned, our field also deals with the question as to for which people certain developments are acceptable and for which they are not, and which norms and values a technology entails (e.g. informational self-determination, freedom from discrimination).

In the specific work of PIT, we intertwine reflection on the use of technical applications with design and development tasks. We offer student work and projects in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Computer Science and Society.

Your own suggestions for topics are welcome! Projects can be done in German or English.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Claude Draude


Further information on project and thesis work can be found in our Moodle course.