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The droid awakens(again) The RoboCup teams "Ghostrider" and "Here you could place your advertisement" ("Ghostrider", in terms of driving the wrong direction on the highway and "Here you could place your advertisement") who were participants of the "Maze"- Competition in Montreal, 2018, had the idea of building a life-sized

Our first draft

and fully functional BB-8 droid, who appeared in the Star Wars episodes 7 and 8 (and of course it will be in episode 9), "The Force Awakens".

We will report our progresses on this site. We will publish all of our files, used materials, blueprints of our constructions, 3D-prints, etc.. So at last, you would be able to build it for your own pleasure. The duration of the project is advised about 1.5 years. So be patient.

We are very happy, that"Micromata" wil support us, by funding our materials.

Have a nice day

Andreas (The leader of the gang)

July, 4, 2019

If there are any questions, please contact me.

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