Tutorial with Arduino Nano

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Arduino Nano

Corona's over. Time to revise the tutorial with the Elegoo module.

We can build a robot ourselves again. The instructions for the construction can be found here. Follow the tutorial until 10:25 . Afterwards, you can still look at how the components are assembled, but there are also others to be attached. Then we continue here with the first chapter.

From now on we no longer use the PIC, even though the farewell is hard for me. We are now working with the Arduino Nano. I have overcome my aversion to this board, because I have finally found an IDE that is well suited to program the Atmega 328P efficiently. The Arduino IDE has improved significantly with version 2, but it is still not possible to use the whole microcontroller.

We can use the Elegoo Tutorial in many parts. But the programs listed in it do not fit in some program points to our self-built robot.

So: We use it, but with new programs. I will list the links accordingly and publish the new programs in this tutorial. Of course, I also link the videos and the teaching materials.

Have fun!