Microprocessor technology laboratory

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Learning objectives:
The microprocessor technology laboratory deals with hardware-related C programming of the MSP430 microcontroller family from Texas Instruments. The experiments are carried out in groups of 2 on the dates listed below. During the semester, it is possible to use the laboratory outside of other practical courses. 
Please refer to our schedule. 
Learning content:
Examination of the MSP430 microcontroller family, hardware-related C programming.

The practical course includes experiments on port programming, programming a graphic display, programming communication interfaces and experiments with analog-digital measurement methods. The lab concludes with a final project written by the student.

Prior knowledge:
Fundamentals of C programming
Fundamentals of microprocessor 1
Fundamentals of digital technology

Course number: FB16-4331  

Time and place:
Mondays, 08:00 - 10:00, Laboratory Room: 2107
Further dates by arrangement

Start: 18.04.2016


Exercise supervisor:

Interested parties please send an email to the secretary's office

FB16-4331 Internship (2SWS), FB16 students are required to register in the OKA.
FB15 Internship (4SWS), FB15 students are required to register in their examination office.