Serious Gaming

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Serious Gaming

Computer games are no longer just a means of entertainment for young people, but have long since reached industry and research. More and more often, attempts are being made to make learning easier for learners with the help of computer games. In these so-called serious gaming, also known as digital learning games, the learners benefit above all from the fact that they go through the training with increased attention.

Serious Gaming2

In serious games, the technologies and game concepts are primarily used to:

  • make learning opportunities more attractive
  • explain applications to users in a simple way
  • to clarify action sequences
  • impart knowledge in a memorable way
  • train skills

Although serious games are still in their infancy, large investments are currently being made by both government and industry to further advance the quality of educational game technology.

Here at the Department of Computer Engineering we are working on the development of an educational game with the learning content of  Katastrophenschutzes (KATIE). In particular, the technology of artificial intelligence is to be explored.