Overview of the topics covered

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Topics last held
Algorithms and data structures summer semester 2023
Automata, Games, Logics summer semester 2024
Computability and Formal Languages summer semester 2018
Computability and Complexity winter semester 2021/22
Databases summer semester 2016
Database Theory Winter Semester 2021/22
Efficient problem solving methods for AI Summer semester 2024
Introduction to Formal Verification winter semester 2022/23
Formal languages and logic summer semester 2024
Functional Programming (Priv.-Doz. Dr. Jörg Kreiker) winter semester 2011/12
Fundamentals of program security summer semester 2016
Compiler construction lab summer semester 2024
Logic programming lab winter semester 2021/22
SAT solver lab winter semester 2022/23
Theorem proving lab summer semester 2022
Python programming course summer semester 2023
SAT-Solver internship summer semester 2020
Software Verification summer semester 2023
Theoretical Computer Science III Summer semester 2019
Theoretical Computer Science: Logic winter semester 2018/19
Verification of Embedded Systems winter semester 2022/23
Preparatory course Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics winter semester 2018/19