Master program in Functional Safety Engineering (FUSE)

The current study plan is valid till 30.09.2024 and the new study plan will be active starting from 01.10.2024

The topics of sensor, actuator, communication, computer and system safety, with respect to medical devices, automotive systems, life sciences, energy systems, industrial plants and process units are an increasingly important issue. Due to legislative and normative measures, which have been published and implemented, certification and inspection of safety aspects, by independent institutions have become compulsory and mandatory. In this area of safety and reliability are not enough scientific personnel available for academia and industries. Therefore, the department of Computer Architecture and System Programming introduces the master program “Functional Safety Engineering (FUSE)”.

FUSE - Safety Application Areas

The areas of applications for the FUSE are:

  • Rail technology
  • Avionics and astronautics
  • Robot controls
  • Chemical industries
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Engineering systems (Press, automatic metal working lathe etc.)
  • Turbines control
  • Oil and gas industries and Pipelines