Ar­ti­fi­ci­al In­tel­li­gence Me­thods for Ex­pe­ri­ment De­sign (AIM-ED)

Joint Lab bet­ween Helm­holtz-Zen­trum für Ma­te­ria­li­en und En­er­gie, Ber­lin (HZB) and the Uni­ver­si­ty of Kas­sel

The complexity of current experiments and methods in fundamental natural and engineering sciences and the amount of data extracted is ever increasing. This necessitates completely new methods for data analysis, and, even more importantly, for developing the experimental methods by themselves.

The Joint Lab Artificial Intelligence Methods for Experiment Design (AIM-ED) targets these challenges by integrating the full scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Methods into the development of experiments and efficient data analysis as an integral part. A team of scientists at the forefront of AI, engineering, and physics research are working jointly to

(1) develop existing AI methods for increasing the efficiency of specific data analysis tasks,

(2) introduce new AI methods for the analysis of data which is as yet not analysable,

(3) use AI methods for design improvements of existing complex experimental set-ups,

(4) develop completely new experimental methods with AI as an integral part.

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