2023[ to top ]
  • Graph Neural Networks Designed for Different Graph Types: A Survey. Thomas, Josephine; Moallemy-Oureh, Alice; Beddar-Wiesing, Silvia; Holzhüter, Clara. In Transactions on Machine Learning Research. 2023.
2022[ to top ]
  • Weisfeiler-Lehman goes Dynamic: An Analysis of the Expressive Power of Graph Neural Networks for Attributed and Dynamic Graphs. Beddar-Wiesing, Silvia; D’Inverno, Giuseppe Alessio; Graziani, Caterina; Lachi, Veronica; Moallemy-Oureh, Alice; Scarselli, Franco; Thomas, Josephine. In arXiv e-prints, bl arXiv:2210.03990. 2022.
  • Student Research Abstract: Continuous-Time Generative Graph Neural Network for Attributed Dynamic Graphs. Moallemy-Oureh, Alice. In ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), bll 600–603. ACM, 2022.
2021[ to top ]
  • A Note on the Modeling Power of Different Graph Types. Thomas, Josephine M.; Beddar-Wiesing, Silvia; Moallemy-Oureh, Alice; Nather, Rüdiger. In arXiv e-prints, bl arXiv:2109.10708. 2021.