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2022 [ nach oben ]

  • 1.
    Guo, T., Huang, Z., Cheng, J.: LwTool: A data processing toolkit for building a real-time pressure mapping smart textile software system. Pervasive and Mobile Computing. (2022).
  • 2.
    He, Y., Huang, Z., Sick, B.: Design of Explainability Module with Experts in the Loop for Visualization and Dynamic Adjustment of Continual Learning. Workshop on Interactive Machine Learning Workshop (IMLW), AAAI (2022).

2021 [ nach oben ]

  • 1.
    Huang, Z., He, Y., Vogt, S., Sick, B.: Uncertainty and Utility Sampling with Pre-Clustering. Workshop on Interactive Adaptive Learning (IAL), ECML PKDD (2021).
  • 2.
    He, Y., Huang, Z., Sick, B.: Toward Application of Continuous Power Forecasts in a Regional Flexibility Market. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). bll. 1–8. IEEE (2021).
  • 3.
    Gruhl, C., Hannan, A., Huang, Z., Nivarthi, C., Vogt, S.: The Problem with Real-World Novelty Detection -- Issues in Multivariate Probabilistic Models. Workshop on Self-Improving System Integration (SISSY), ACSOS. bll. 204–209. IEEE (2021).

2017 [ nach oben ]

  • 1.
    Zhou, B., Cheng, J., Mawandia, A., He, Y., Huang, Z., Sundholm, M., Yildrim, M., Cruz, H., Lukowicz, P.: TPM Framework: a Comprehensive Kit for Exploring Applications with Textile Pressure Mapping Matrix. International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies (UBICOMM). IARIA (2017).