Language and Presentation


Compentency: Implementing language skills and presentation techniques

Module type: basic module

Semester: winter

Site: Cairo

Language: English; German; Arabic

Workload: 90 hours course attendance; 60 hours self-study

Credits points: 6

Recommended qualifications: none


Learning Outcome

After the successful participation in the course German and Arab Language Courses Cairo the students are able to:

  • implement basic formulations and expressions of German and Arabic for use in daily life


  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian dialect (EA):
    • basic reading, writing, and speaking skills
    • solid foundation in formal Arabic grammar (nahu) and morphology (sarf)
    • vocabulary of at least 1000 Arabic daily life words
  • German:
    • basic phrases and short sentences for everyday use
    • technical terms and expressions in electrical engineering and RE
    • basic concepts in High German grammar


  • Lecturer: Dr. Abdelrahman Nagi/ Dr. Anwar Badawi/ Dr. Basem Schoaib (Arab); Amal Maghraby / Basma El-Feky/ Iman Saber (German)
  • Teaching method: lecture, seminar
  • SWS: 3
  • Credit points: 3
  • Examination: final (oral and written) exam 100%

Learning Outcome

After the successful participation in the course Presentation and Moderation Techniques the students are able to:

  • interpret the concepts of presentation and moderation for efficient meeting organization, discussion and moderation techniques
  • implement presentation and moderation techniques (suitable material, personal presentation, moderation skills) on a professional level


  • Preliminary activities (classifying target groups, determining research topics):
    • types and basic rules of different presentations
    • content structure
    • developing a presentation strategy
    • planning and handling of presentation materials and facilities
    • efficient visualization
  • Advanced presentation and moderation techniques:
    • analyzing personal delivery habits recorded in video
    • training and improving delivery habits
    • training efficient meeting organization
  • Report writing


  • Lecturer: Sayed Kaseb; Fouad Khalaf
  • Teaching method: lecture
  • SWS: 3
  • Credit points: 3
  • Examination: midterm (40%): individual presentation; final exam (60%): individual and group presentations