Energy Storage


Compentency: Analyzing energy storage technologies

Module type: elective module

Semester: summer

Site: Kassel

Language: English

Workload: 75 hours course attendance; 50 hours self-study

Credits points: 5

Recommended qualifications: Basics in thermodynamics and heat transfer


Learning Outcome

After the successful participation in the course Introduction to Energy Storage the students are able to:

  • distinguish different storage technologies and their role for the RE system
  • decide on the application of Energy Storage solutions for given storage tasks and
    compare costs and potentials of storage systems


  • Description of energy storage technologies:
    • power to gas
    • battery technologies
    • pumped hydro storage
    • compressed air energy storages
    • thermal energy storages
  • Efficiency of energy storage systems
  • Economics of different energy storage solutions
  • Energy Storage Solutions including sector coupling, especially Power-to-Heat and Power-to-Mobility


  • Lecturer: Ingo Stadler
  • Teaching method: lecture, (group) work
  • SWS: 2
  • Credit points: 2
  • Examination: written exam

Learning Outcome

After the successful participation in the course Hydrogen and Power-to-Chemical Technologies the students are able to:

  • identify role of hydrogen and Power-to-chemical (PtC) in sustainable energy systems
  • get acquainted with the different hydrogen production technologies
  • conversion of Hydrogen with CO2 or N2 to PtC molecules
  • evaluate simply PtC process chain from energy and economic perspectives
  • get a glimpse on the recent research and development trend in this value chain


  • Description of different hydrogen production technologies
  • Thermodynamics fundamentals for electrochemical hydrogen production and storage
  • Chemical reaction engineering fundamentals for hydrogen conversion to PtC
  • Based on stoichiometric or ideal approach, identify the efficiency of the PtC value chain
  • Evaluate the cost of production of Hydrogen and PtC based on short-cut methods


  • Lecturer: Ouda Salem
  • Teaching method: lecture, seminar
  • SWS: 3
  • Credit points: 3
  • Examination: presentations; written exam