Core aspects of our research are:

  • Internet Data Science:
    Large-scale analysis of the Internet using by data science methods

  • Internet Security
    Empirical analysis of Internet security and methods to improve Internet security (e.g. anomaly detection / DDoS protection)

  • Social networks:
    Investigation of communication characteristics of social networks and methods for improving security

  • Internet Architecture:
    nvestigation of design principles of the future Internet

  • Quality of Experience:
    Investigation of the perceived quality of Internet services by means of psychological user studies

Ongoing projects

emergenCity The resilient digital City (LOEWE Center)

The goal of emergenCITY is to protect smart cities from disasters. For this we are developing resilient infrastructures that save human lives.

emergenCity The resilient digital City (LOEWE Center): Further information


Resilient Integration of Machine Learning for Enhanced Network Operation

ReNo (DFG SPP): Further information