Musica Practica

Image: Lukas Prelle

Sheet Music and Instrument Lending

Musica Practica is the sheet music and instrument lending service of the Department of Music and is available to all students and employees of the University of Kassel. Sheet music, textbooks* and teaching materials can be borrowed. You can find most of our media via the search function KARLA of the Kassel University Library.

The reference collection includes CDs, records, cassettes, DVDs, VHS, exam papers. Audiovisual players are available on site. We also lend brass, woodwind and string instruments to students of Kassel University.

Media can be renewed by telephone during opening hours at (0561) 804 - 4144 or at any time via e-mail at

Payment transactions are handled by the secretary's office of Mrs. Fischer (room 2023)! This means for any loan or reminder fees, that first a payment slip is handed out in the Musica Practica, which must then be presented at the secretary's office for payment.

The opening hours are:
Mon+Thurs from 7.30-11.30 and Tues+Wed from 7.30-13.30.


Charlotte Freymuth
Kirsten Sebode
Feli Vopička


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