Fac­ulty of Hu­man Sci­ences

Study Programs at the Faculty of Human Sciences

The Profile of the Faculty

With the Department of Social Work and Social Welfare, the Department of Education, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Music, the Faculty of Human Sciences is one of the largest faculties at the University of Kassel. We offer twelve degree programs leading to various bachelor's and master's degrees in the fields of social work, school and out-of-school education, and psychology. In addition the faculty is responsible for a major part of Kassel's teacher education which includes education, psychology and social sciences. Graduates of our programs are qualified to work in a variety of socially relevant fields: as social workers, teachers, scientists, psychotherapists, counselors, and more.

More about the Profile of the Faculty

Our Research Focus:

  • Professionalism and professionalization in education, psychology, counseling and social work.
  • Teaching, learning and development processes within and outside educational institutions
  • Social relations of inequality and sustainable development of participation throughout the life course and in different living environments and situations
  • Dynamics and structures of experience and behavior on the level of individuals, groups and organizations
  • Production and reception of music and the exploration of musical action-spaces

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