Consulting hours

by arrangement

Academic career

2016 - 2019

Dr. rer. nat. in psychology

(Title of dissertation: Advances in the analysis of event-related potential data with factor analytic methods)

University of Leipzig

2014 - 2016

M.Sc. PsychologyUniversity of Leipzig
2011 - 2014B.Sc. PsychologyUniversity of Leipzig


Professional activities

since 04/2022Professor of Psychological Research Methods, University of Kassel (W1 with tenure-track)
04/2019 - 03/2022Research Associate (PostDoc), Statistics and Methods, University of Münster (Prof. Steffen Nestler).
10/2016 - 03/2019Research Assistant (PhD), Psychological Methodology, University of Leipzig (Prof. Steffen Nestler)


Detailed curriculum vitae

  • Regularized structural equation models for psychological data
  • Structural equation models for electrophysiological data
  • Use of linear mixed models in an experimental context
  • Validity and reliability of electrophysiological measures
  • Prediction in auditory perception

CV with complete list of publications

Volkmer, S., Wetzel, N., Widmann, A., & Scharf, F. (2022). Attentional control in middle childhood is highly dynamic - Strong initial distraction is followed by advanced attention control. Developmental Science. doi

Scharf, F., Widmann, A., Bonmassar, C. & Wetzel, N. (2022). A Tutorial on the Use of Temporal Principal Component Analysis in Developmental ERP Research - Opportunities and Challenges. developmental cognitive neuroscience. doi

Scharf, F.*, Pförtner, J.*, & Nestler, S. (2021). Can ridge and elastic net structural equation modeling be used to stabilize parameter estimates when latent factors are correlated? Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 62, 928-940. doi (*shared first authorship).

Scharf, F., & Nestler, S. (2019). Exploratory structural equation modeling for event-related potential data - an all-in-one approach? Psychophysiology. 2018;e13303 doi

Scharf, F., & Nestler, S. (2019). Should regularization replace simple structure rotation in Exploratory Factor Analysis? Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 26, 576-590. doi

Member of the examination board at the Institute for Psychology

Representative for the faculty of humanities in the council of the graduate academy 

Member of the committee on student affairs of the faculty of humanities