Andreas Cessak

Senior Student Councilor in University Service (Choral Conducting, Choral Voice Training), Director Cantiamo and Cantiamo Piccolo

Cessak, Andreas
+49 561 804-4305
+49 561 804-4267
Mönchebergstraße 1
34125 Kassel
Möncheberg 1, Raum 3025

Chorische Stimmbildung

Andreas Cessak studied music at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg , majoring in piano and trombone (with a focus on historical performance practice on the baroque trombone), and passed the first and second state examinations with very good results.

Further training and master classes in choral conducting followed with Martin Behrmann, Frieder Bernius, Carl Hoegset, Eric Ericson and others.

Many years of full-time work at the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium, Hamburg, where he developed the content and concept of the main subject music. Long-term supervision of the performance classes in music.

Director of the choirs, the music classes, foundation of the student big band and the chamber choir. Concert activity with the youth symphony orchestra of the music branch 'con moto'.

1st prize with the youth symphony orchestra for the premiere of contemporary works.

1st prize for the student competition of the Hamburg State Opera: "Program design in opera".

1996-2011 Founded and directed the Hamburg vocal ensemble Lux Aeterna.

Collaboration and development of the curriculae in the choirmaster, and children's choirmaster advanced training courses of level B of the Federal Academy Wolfenbüttel. Lectureships on choral conducting and choral voice training at the University of Music Lübeck and the Liszt School of Music, Weimar. Further education in teacher training.

In addition to his pedagogical tasks and the development of suitable pedagogical concepts, he is very interested in making versatile music and in networking with his ensembles regionally and nationally.

Thus he also studied the NDR Bigband for the project: "Flying Fishes and Seahorses". With the university choirs he cooperates with the Staatstheater Kassel, the KMT, the Museumslandschaft and other public and private institutions. There have been cooperations with the Kings Singers, the Raschèr Quartett, Thomas Kagermann and others.

In search of new and varied concert forms, he received the 2016 prize from the VdKC for the best concert program.

"Klingender Schulchor - Methoden in der Chorarbeit" in: Frauke Heß and Jürgen Terhag (eds.), Musikunterricht Heute 7. Bach - Bebop - Bredemeyer. Sperriges lebendig unterrichten, Oldershausen: Lugert Verlag 2008, pp. 193-206.



"Singen mit Kindern - Wege der Liederarbeitung," Special Issue: Elementary School Teaching, 2007, Oldenbourg-Verlag.

Cantiamo Kassel - the choir of the University of Kassel Cantiamo Piccolo - the chamber choir of the University of Kassel

Organization and realization of master classes for choral conducting with, among others: - Kings Singers, - Phillip Lawson, - Prof. Volker Hempfling, - Phillipp Ahmann (NDR)