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Mentoring means support, advice, access to networks, to "informal circumstances" and training-related guidance for a certain period of time. Students have the opportunity to contact a trusted lecturer from the group of professors with whom they can discuss all questions regarding their studies, work out plans for well-structured studies and disclose the status of their studies. A total of three mentoring appointments are offered: 

The first appointment, which takes place at the end of each winter semester, is a mentoring day. All first-year students are contacted here. The assignment of the students takes place via allocation by list. The students will be informed by mail about their assignment to a mentor.

The mentoring day takes place as a group event with all professors. On the one hand, this has the advantage that the students get to know all professors personally and can address questions to all of them. On the other hand, this also ensures the uniformity and comprehensive character of the advisory service. At the end of this event, students can sign up for one of the mentor lists on display and in this way (possibly) change their mentor. Students who do not show up will remain with their assigned mentors. 

The second appointment, which takes place at the beginning of each summer semester, is an individual (= mentor-related) mentor consultation or event specifically designated as such. Here, all second semester students are contacted. 

The same applies to the third appointment, which takes place in the following summer semester (fourth semester).

BA Internship Report:

As far as the responsibility for the internship and internship report is concerned, the original assignment is normally binding. Specifically:  

  • For students who do not change their mentor on mentoring day or do not take up the mentoring offer on mentoring day, the first semester assignment remains valid. 
  • For students who change mentors on mentoring day, the internship assignment transfers to the new mentor.

Mentoring Day:

The first mentoring day will take place on 29. January 2020. Mentors will receive their assigned participants on this day from 14:00 to 16:00 in room 0019 of Kurt-Wolters-Str. 5 to discuss the modalities of mentoring. Please check our homepage or the display box on the 3rd floor of the Humanities and Cultural Studies building for more information. If you are committed within other events at this time, please write directly to your assigned mentor.


  • Mentoring Assignment First Semester German Studies WS2019/20
    (Updated on 29.01.2020)