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Exam dates, rooms and registration deadlines

Information about dates, rooms and registration deadlines for Sprachpraxis exams in the winter semester 2023/24 can be found on the Exams page at the link below.

Module 1: 09/02/24 4:15pm in HS1 Campus Center

Oral exams: 05/02 - 13/02/24 in KW5, 4048

Module 9/MA 01/MA02: 03/02/24 8:30am in HS1 Campus Center

Exam dates, rooms and registration deadlines: More Infos

Important announcement re: old-style Module 1 exam format

The old-style Module 1 format has been discontinued and is now no longer offered. Students who were previously eligible to take the old-style Module 1 exam but did not take it prior to the winter semester 23/24 must now take the new-style Module 1 exam consisting of a grammar section and an essay section. Details about the structure and assessment of this exam can be found at the link below.

The language practice courses primarily concern using English accurately and effectively, both in terms of written and spoken language.

Initially, in English 1, we focus on written communication in the form of persuasive writing, emphasising the importance of precision, conciseness, and clarity. To achieve this, we look at how to structure writing to maximise readability as well as accurate grammar and vocabulary.

Later, in English 2, we shift mainly to spoken language, in particular fluency, accuracy, and pronunciation.

Some students then take our English 3 courses, in which we practise more complex writing and German-English translation of news articles. Here, students focus on idiomatic English and avoiding common errors that are made by German native speakers in particular.

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Exam Paper Viewing of exams taken in SoSe 2022

If you took and passed a Module exam in SoSe 2022, you have the opportunity to take a look at it on Wednesday 9th November. Please click on the image below to download a pdf file with more information including how to register.

This pdf file contains details of the exam paper viewing to be held on Wednesday 9th November 2022.