Research focus

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Research projects

  • Current project:

    Knowledge through communication routines - cultural analyses using the example of documenta 15 (2022).


    The research project by Andreas Gardt, Liliana Gómez and Paul Reszke is located in the department "Art and Society" and is funded by the ZFF of the University of Kassel. For the project, fifteen narrative interviews were collected from over 100 documenta visitors*.

    In detail:

    Since the 1990s at the latest, documenta has attracted at least half a million visitors every five years - but there is a lack of a systematic overview of what expectations and questions lead this audience to documenta and what impressions and answers they take away with them. This is precisely where the project comes in, using linguistic, or more precisely interactional linguistic methods:

    As an explorative pilot study, we conducted narrative interviews in German and English with over one hundred international visitors to the hundred-day exhibition. Through open-ended questions, visitors were encouraged to share their individual positions and emotions about documenta, its art, and its themes.

    These audio and video recordings are currently being linguistically processed and will be made available to researchers from other disciplines. At the time of writing this overview, the analyses have not yet been completed. However, it is already becoming apparent that a broad spectrum of expectations is placed on every documenta by the public: On the one hand, some come deliberately unprepared, wanting to "drift" and primarily spend time with acquaintances; on the other side of the spectrum, some even hope for solutions to current problems of global proportions, such as the climate and financial crises.  And many desire both at the same time, making documenta an ideal research object for making individual and collective perspectives visible in the context of global crises.

    Funded by the Central Research Fund of the University of Kassel in the funding line "Pilot - Funding of Explorative Research".

  • Art communication, especially in the context of major exhibitions such as documenta; membership in TRACES.

  • together with Martin Böhnert: 'Plausibility' from a linguistic and scientific theoretical perspective (see publications)

  • together with Martin Böhnert: Binge-Thinking - Investigations on the mutual influence of pop culture and science (see publications)

  • together with Urania Milevski and Felix Woitkowski: Gender & Genre, series of events on gender stereotyping and gender breaks in modern serial narration (see publications)

  • together with Martin Böhnert, Murat Sezi and Felix Woitkowski: Knowledge Representations in the Discourse on Climate Change from an Interdisciplinary Perspective;