Lada Nakonechna

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Scientific Associate | Documenta Institute

Gottschalkstrasse 28a
34127 Kassel
Room 1111

Lada Nakonechna is an artist and researcher who has been active in various
artistic, curatorial and editorial groups (associations) in Ukraine since 2005
In her artistic practice, Nakonechna consistently questions her position as an artist
and researcher. The goal of this problematization is to identify viewpoints that
are established through artistic methods and reproduced through the art education system
. Through institutional critical approaches, she investigates the connection of art with the
practices of power production.
Lada Nakonechna's recent work is based on artistic and
archival material on the art of Socialist Realism, understood as a "method,"
and engages with its representation and perception today.
In exploring the artistic paradigms of Modernism and Socialist
Realism practiced in the Ukrainian Academy of Art during the 20th century
, she intends to take a closer look at their contradictions and particular manifestations
, as well as to question their homogeneous representation in the global history of art

Lada Nakonechna has presented her works in numerous exhibitions, including
solo exhibitions at the National Art Museum of Ukraine and
group exhibitions at the Albertinum-Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, the
Gallery of Contemporary Art Leipzig, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw,
the Malmö Art Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.