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Courses summer semester 2024

Seminar with excursion: Art and literature in court (Thurs. 10-12 a.m.)

Seminar: Global Modernisms. Modern Art and the Cold War (Thu. 12-14 h)

Block seminar: Current research in art and society

Courses winter semester 2023/24

Seminar: Introduction to Cultural Theory (Mon. 10-12 a.m.)

Seminar: Archives in Contemporary Art (Mon. 14-16 h)

Seminar: Contested Memories in the Global South (Thurs. 16-18 h)

Courses summer semester 2023

Seminar: "Aesthetics of Dissent" (Mon. 10-12 a.m.)

Seminar: "Art and the Present" (Tues. 6-8 p.m.)

Courses in the winter semester 2022/23

Block seminar: "Current Research on Art, Society, Economy, and Knowledge"

Seminar: "'Phantom Africa': Between Ethnopoetry and Colonialism" (Thurs. 2 - 4 p.m.)

Courses summer semester 2022

Lecture Series: "Ästhetische Dimensionen des Politischen: Kunst, Aktivismus, Partizipation / Aesthetic Dimensions of the Political: Art, Activism, Participation" (Mon. 18-20).

Seminar: "Resource Cultures and Ecocriticism" (Mon. 10-12)

Seminar: "Artists' Talks. Interdisciplinary Methods and Practices" (Thurs. 14-16)

Seminar: "Current research on art, society, economy and knowledge" (Thurs. 12-14)

Courses winter semester 2021/22

Seminar: "Thinking the Anthropocene. Contemporary Cultural Theoretical Positions" (Mon., 2-4 p.m.)

Seminar: "Performing Human Rights" (Thurs., 10-12 a.m.)

Seminar: "Current Research on Art, Society, Economy and Knowledge" (Thurs., 12-14 p.m.)

Seminar: "Archival Theories and Practices" (Fri., 12-14 p.m.)