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34125 Kassel
KW 5 (R. 3045)

Opening hours

Research and viewing options in the film archive: Mon./Mi./Fri. 9-13:30 (until mid-Oct. 2022). Please make an appointment in advance (by e-mail).

Database search

on the intranet of the University of Kassel (with university ID at: or via the database information system(DBIS) of the Kassel University Library with library card number


Film and Media Archive at the University of Kassel
in FB 02 Humanities and Cultural Studies
Head: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer
e-mail: Filmarchiv[at]
Fon +49 (0)561 / 804-3330

Collection criteria/focal points

Film studies/historical focus

  • Films of German-language film and television history
  • early film up to 1960s (focus: German-language film)
  • classics of international film
  • cinematic adaptations of (especially German-language) literary classics
  • films with complex/interesting/unusual narrative structures (cf. Puzzle Films, Complex Story Telling ...)
  • films awarded with national and international prizes

Kassel Projects/Collections

  • Films/Digitized Material of the Kassel Film Archive
  • Films of the Kassel Film Collective (cooperation project with Prof. Jan Peters, Kunsthochschule Kassel)
  • Film documentaries on the Grimm Poetics Professorships (GPP) since 2018.
  • GPP accompanying film series (under construction since 2021)

Documentaries: Theater, literature, art, culture ...

  • TV recordings of theater productions
  • documentaries, especially on literary, theatrical, cinematic, visual arts and media topics

News & Archive

HNA coverage (April 4, 2022)
University press release on online launch of digital database (April 10, 2022)

About the history of the archive

  • Viewing options for film files in the Film/Media Archive (FB 02, KW 5) as well as in the Kassel University Library (planned for SoSe 2022).
  • 2022 digital database relaunch of the Film/Media Archive with activation of the digital film database on the intranet of the University of Kassel (with university ID) as well as via the database information system (DBIS) of the Kassel University Library (with user ID number)
  • 2018-2021 Programming and since 2022 maintenance of the digital database and administration structures by Prof. Dr. Klaus David and Sebastian Lange (FB 16 | Comtec)
  • Since 2017, continuation, expansion and new conception of the collection by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer.
  • Foundation of the media archive by Prof. Dr. Peter Seibert