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on the homepage of the department 'Didaktik der deutschen Sprache und Literatur / Schwerpunkt Grundschule' at the Institute for German Studies at the University of Kassel.

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Prof. Dr. Miriam Langlotz
Kurt-Wolters-Strasse 5
34125 Kassel

Study German as a primary school teacher at the University of Kassel

The German primary school teaching degree (known as L1) is an academic degree program consisting of the disciplines of linguistics, literature and didactics. In German primary didactics, you will mainly deal with literature and language didactics topics. The aim of the course is to teach you models of teaching and learning in German lessons and to support you in developing academic routines (e.g. literature research, academic work).

Our courses are structured as follows:

1. in introductory courses (mainly lectures) you will receive an overview of relevant knowledge, which will ensure the academic foundation of your education.

2. in in-depth courses (mainly seminars) you will deal with selected topics: for example, orthography, multilingualism, cultural diversity, language reflection, literary learning, digital learning, children's and young adult literature, reading competence and text competence. These courses generally incorporate the latest findings from research.

3. the internship semester and the accompanying events serve to test, reflect on and apply the knowledge you have acquired in the internship schools. You should experience and try out your own knowledge and skills, reflect on your actions and develop further routines in German lessons. The assessment of teaching materials and reflection on educational policy processes also play a role.

Your studies should offer you interest-led  learning experiences and opportunities for reflection that you can use for your own teaching and learning practice. We see learning at the university as a self-active process that takes place independently and is supported by lecturers as learning guides .