DFG Project: Language in Conspiracy Theories

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The aim of the project is to comparatively examine how conspiracy theories are constructed as social reality through the use of language and the deployment of certain linguistic devices in different discourses (e.g., on terrorism, right-wing populism, climate change, Covid-19).

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Romans, David & Sören Stumpf (2022): Verschwörungstheorien - und wie sie sprachlich glaubhaft gemacht werden. In: Klaus Müller & Christopher Kirchberg (ed.): Verschwörungstheorien. A publication by Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie e.V., pp. 60-89.

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Prof. Dr. David Römer
+49 561 804-7683

PD Dr. Sören Stumpf
+49 (0)89/2180-2116

Hanna Poloschek, M.A.
+49 561 804-7251

Image: Christine Brinkmann