Research projects

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Current projects

DFG Project: Language in conspiracy theories (Univ. Kassel and Univ. Munich, 2022-2025).

The aim of the project is to comparatively investigate how conspiracy theories are constructed as social reality through the use of language and the use of specific linguistic devices in different discourses (e.g., on terrorism, right-wing populism, climate change, Covid-19).

Research Results/Publications (in selection):

  • Romans, David & Sören Stumpf (2022): Conspiracy theories - and how they are made linguistically credible. In: Klaus Müller & Christopher Kirchberg (ed.): Conspiracy Theories. A publication of Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie e.V., pp. 60-89[Open Access].
  • Römer, David (2021): Conspiracy theories as argumentative narratives. In: Journal of Literary Studies and Linguistics 51, issue 2/2021, pp. 1-18.[Open Access]
  • Stumpf, Sören & David Römer (Ed.) (2020): Conspiracy theories in discourse. Interdisciplinary approaches. Weinheim: Beltz Juventa (Beihefte der Zeitschrift für Diskursforschung 4).
  • Römer, David & Sören Stumpf (2018): Conspiracy theories - linguistic perspectives. Theme issue of the journal Aptum. Journal of Language Criticism and Culture 14, issue 3/2018.
  • "Relativizing expressions are meant to sow doubt"(Deutschlandfunk, 21.05.2020).
  • Twitter"Language in Conspiracy Theories"

Completed projects

DFG-Project: Linguistic Constructions of Social and Economic Crisis Discourses in the FRG from 1973-today (Univ. Trier, 2010-2012).

Research results/publications (in selection):

  • Römer, David (2017): Economic crises. A linguistic discourse history. Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter.