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Currently, the Institute of Catholic Theology is headed by:

Prof. Dr. Mirja Kutzer
Institute Director

Prof. Dr. Annegret Reese-Schnitker
Deputy Institute Director


Catholic Theology at the University of Kassel is characterized by its orientation towards teacher training. All courses focus on the needs of future teachers . We support students in developing a professional, technically and methodologically competent identity as teachers of religion . Like hardly any other subject, theology offers the opportunity to reflect on one's own convictions and values and to find well-founded points of view. With just under 300 students, we are an institute with a personal, approachable atmosphere. We maintain a close exchange between the subjects of systematic theology, biblical theology and religious education. Moreover, in interdisciplinary courses we encourage students to perceive connections between the individual theological disciplines as well as between theology and other subjects. 

The main focus of research at the Institute is the methodological as well as substantive dialogue with cultural studies. The testimonies of Christianity, which have a normative claim for the church, are at the same time part of man's cultural understandings of himself. We understand the Christian tradition as a resource that can become significant in an ecclesiastical-Christian but also in a religious-plural and secular environment for thinking about the human being today and the search for guidelines for personal and social action.