Theoretical philosophy

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Name, Forename Contact
Prof. Dr. Dr. Köchy, Kristian
Fachgebietsleitung »Theoretische Philosophie« /​ Geschäftsführender Direktor IfP
Köchy, Kristian
Name, Forename Contact
Seitz-Kircher, Tina
Sekretariat Fachgebiet »Theoretische Philosophie« /​ IfP
Seitz-Kircher, Tina
Research assistant
Name, Forename Contact
Dr. Böhnert, Martin
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter: Theoretische Philosophie
Böhnert, Martin
Dr. Kries, Carsten
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter: Theoretische Philosophie
Kries, Carsten

Current promotions

Guiseppe Flavio Artese

Characterizing the Experience of Relevant Affordances as Gestaltic Perceptions, funded by the ZFF project "Philosophy of Situated Cognition".

Rebecca Bachmann (1st state exam) - rebecca.bachmann[at]web[dot]de

Thought experiments as genuine instruments of (philosophical) research. The mediating role of thought experiments in scientific discourse using the debate on artificial intelligence as an example (working title), scholarship holder University of Kassel PhD scholarship.

Saliha Bayir (M.A.).

Research Practices and Scientific Change in Ecology (Working title), Funded by DFG project "Forms of Practice" (Dr. Robert Meunier), Otto Braun Fonds scholarship holder.

Victoria-Katharina Martinelli (M.A.) -

Erkenntnis als lebendige Versammlung - Goethe's Morphologie als epistemologisches Leitbild für Ernst Cassirer und Kurt Goldstein (Working title), Fellow of the Otto Braun Fonds.

Completed doctorates

Dr. Elke Witt


Dr. Roland Kipke

The Optimization of Man - Neuroenhancement and the Pursuit of Self-Improvement, 2010. Link.

Dr. Elke Witt, Dipl. Biol.

Concepts and Constructions of the Living. Philosophical and biological aspects of the artificial production of microorganisms, 2011. link

Dr. Dr. Mareike Frevert

Science of Synthesis. Attempts at a philosophy of science in chemistry, 2014. link.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Grimm

Networks of Research. The historical eugenics movement and modern human genomics in comparison, 2011. link.

Dr. Alexander Stöger

(in cooperation with the DFG Research Training Group 'Model Romanticism', University of Jena; GRK 2041/1 Galvanistic Representational Experiments in Discourse. Methods between Romantic Ideas and Professionalization Efforts, 2019. link.

Dr. Johannes Hocks.

Self-determined indeterminacy. On the concept of man in the philosophies of Spinoza and Plessner, Otto Braun Fonds fellow, 2019.

Dr. Martin Böhnert

Methodological Signatures. A philosophical attempt to systematize the empirical investigation of the mind of animals. 2019.

Dr. Daniel Falkner

Metaphors of Life. Metaphorological perspectives on a dispute about truth using the debate about the concept of life in synthetic biology as an example. 2019.

Dr. Carsten Kries

Dynamische Urteilkraft - Zur Systematizität eines oberen Erkenntnisvermögens in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. 2020. link.

Alexander Hildebrandt

From Weltschmerz to Selbstgenuss, Max Stirners' philosophical therapy of modernity. 2021.

Former employees