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Italy Day 2023

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Dear participants of Italientag,

Thank you for your presence and active participation in the eighth italientag of the University of Kassel on the topic of
"Caritas – Kulturen der Fürsorge in Italien / Caritas – Culture dell’assistenza"
we were very pleased.

We would like to thank you for contributing to the success of the event.

Caritas – Kulturen der Fürsorge in Italien / Caritas – Culture dell’assistenza

Pandemics and current crises have revived the question of social welfare and given new relevance to issues such as the fight against poverty and disease. In history, it was a long way from the voluntary almsgiving and hospital foundations of the Middle Ages to the systematic health and social care of our time, a path that was often quite different in Italy than north of the Alps.

The ninth Italy Day of the University of Kassel has therefore set itself the goal of illuminating the cultures of care in Italy and the associated imaginary worlds. For example, the wall cycle in the Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala in Siena around 1500 presents the practice of caring for the sick. The art historical perspective focuses on the idea of the medical-healing effect of colors in the fresco cycles of Renaissance hospitals. From a contemporary historical perspective, questions are asked about the social and religious care of migrant:inmates in the Italian diaspora communities of Europe after 1945. Finally, current public health communication, especially on infection control in Italy, will be analyzed from a linguistic perspective.

All interested parties are cordially invited to attend the scientific lectures from the fields of art and architectural history, historiography and linguistics.


13:00:            Greeting

13:15:            Philine Helas:  
Physician, pharmacist, surgeon and priest in the Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala in Siena 1440

14:00:           Fabian Jonietz:
Healing the Sick through Artists' Hands. Art and Recovery in Early Modern Italy

14:45:             Break

3:30 p.m.:            Marella Magris:
Health care in Italy: linguistic and communicative aspects using the example of the topic "vaccinations"

16:15:            Clelia Caruso:
Italian diaspora communities in Europe after 1945 - between care and self-organization?