Alexander Gallas is a Privatdozent for political science at the University of Kassel. In his forthcoming, two-volume book Exiting the Factory: Strike and Class Formation beyond the Industrial Sector (Bristol, 2024), he analyses, from a global labour studies angle, how stoppages by service and public sector workers facilitate working class formation.  His first monograph, The Thatcherite Offensive: A Neo-Poulantzasian Analysis (Chicago, 2017), is about how the Conservative governments in Britain in the 1980s and 90s have reorganised class relations in favour of capital.

In the 2017 Fall Semester, Gallas was a visiting lecturer funded by the German Academic Exchange Service at Center for Global Workers’ Rights of the Pennsylvania State University. He has also taught at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the Humboldt University of Berlin, Liverpool John Moores University, Lancaster University and the Free University of Berlin. His degrees are from the University of Lancaster (an MA and a PhD in Sociology) and the Free University of Berlin (a Magister Artium in Philosophy).

  • Industrial action and strikes
  • Global Labour Studies
  • State and class theory
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