Joint-project GLOCALPOWER: funds, tools & networks for an African energy transition

(University Kassel/University Hamburg)

Through the lenses of global environmental governance and international political economy, the research group GLOCALPOWER analyses glocal transformations of energy systems. Conducting case studies in Ghana, South Africa and Zambia, the Team in Kassel particularly focuses on green financial institutions and financial instruments, as well as donors at the global stage. In our case studies, we examine factors relevant for the design and productive implementation of transition processes in the global South. (1) the systemic relevance of global green funds and financial flows, and (2) Design, appropriateness and Effectiveness of policy instruments gearing towards glocal energy transitions (such as auction instruments, feed-in tariffs and de-risking). In this vein, GLOCALPOWER currently conducts two comparative studies. In the transfer phase of our project, we seek to provide systemic and transformative knowledge for decision-makers in the energy sphere. We offer advice for the design and governance of green funds and policy instruments, facilitate dialogue with and between predominantly German energy and development institutions as well as local partners in Ghana, South Africa and Zambia.


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