Dr. Simone Claar

Dr. Simone Claar is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science. She leads together with Dr. Franziska Müller a BMBF funded junior research group “GLOCALPOWER: funds & tools for a glocal renewable energy transition.” The focus is on RE transition in the global South, in particular, Ghana, Zambia, and South Africa. She studied Political Science, Geography and Peace and Conflict at the Philipp University of Marburg and University of Stellenbosch. In spring 2015 she completed her Ph.D. in political science at Goethe University Frankfurt. Within her dissertation, she applied and extended Nikos Poulantzas state theory for identifying the South African class interests in the EPAs. Palgrave Macmillan published the book "International Trade Policy and Class Dynamics in South Africa. The Economic Partnership Agreement."


Previously to her employment at University of Kassel she worked as a research associate at the working group of International Relations and International Political Economy in the Department of political science at the Goethe University Frankfurt from 2008-2014. Her research focused mainly on new generation issues (deep integration) trade agreements, comparative capitalism in emerging markets (in the DFG project ‚A BICS variety of capitalism?’) and North-South relations. Besides, she was involved in a BMBF funded interdisciplinary research project on ‘Africa’s Asian Options’ in two subprojects on South Africa and Chinese firm interaction and Zambia and Japan development aid relation.


Her current research focuses on "African capitalism and the state in the global economy’, which investigates the contemporary mechanism of African capitalisms as well as its interrelation to green capitalism and development.


Simone researched different settings in Southern Africa, in particular, South Africa (Centre of Civil Society, South African Institute of International Affairs and University of Pretoria) and Zambia.


Moreover, she was involved in the self-government as a member in the faculty board (2009-2011), hiring committees (2011), the workers' council (2012-2014) at the Goethe University Frankfurt and since November 2017 she is woman representative for the Fachgruppe ‘Political Science’ at the University of Kassel.


She is a reviewer of international peer-reviewed journals, e.g., Contemporary Politics, International Review of Applied Economics and Canadian Foreign Policy Journal. She also works on own and co-authored publications and has experience in writing applications for external funds.



Research focus:

  • Comparative capitalism
  • Materialist state theory
  • Class analysis
  • International Political Economy
  • Trade, Labour and Development
  • Capitalism in emerging markets (BICS)
  • Political Economy of South Africa, Zambia


Bachelor’s level courses:

  • Die Rolle Südafrikas in der Welt
  • Politische Ökonomie Afrikas (BA)
  • Politische Ökonomie Südafrikas
  • Was ist Afrika? (BA)
  • International Political Economy: Theories and Issues (BA)
  • Master-level courses:
  • Staat, Klassen und Kräfteverhältnisse - ein Lektürekurs
  • Handel und Entwicklung in der Internationalen Politischen Ökonomie (MA)
  • African Political Economy in the Age of Globalization (MA)
  • Tiefe Integration in den Nord-Süd Beziehungen (MA)
  • Südafrika in Spiegel von Filmen (BA/MA)
  • Power Structures of Contemporary South Africa (MA)

Supervision of BA and MA thesis in the fields of expertise.

Previous to her appointment at University of Kassel she taught at Philipp University of Marburg, Goethe University Frankfurt and Georg-August-University Göttingen. Moreover, she worked as Senior Policy Advisor for Teacher Education at the German Education Union, Germany (2016-2017).



Carsten Elsner, Franziska Müller, Manuel Neumann & Simone Claar (2021) Finanzialisierung und „de-risking“ in Sambias Energiewende: Perspektiven für nachhaltige Entwicklung? In: Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung für Entwicklungstheorie und Entwicklungspolitik e.V. (Hg.): Peripherie. Zeitschrift für Politik und Ökonomie in der Dritten Welt, Verlag Barbara Budrich, Leverkusen. Specialissue No. 162/163, S. 275-297. ISSN: 0173-184X/ISSN Online: 2366-4185.

Carsten Elsner, Manuel Neumann, Franziska Müller & Simone Claar (2021) Room for money or manoeuvre? How green financialization and de-risking shape Zambia’s renewable energy transition, Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d'études du développement, DOI: 10.1080/02255189.2021.1973971

Claar, Simone (2018): Climate Change and trade unions in Germany. In: South African Labour Bulletin, 42 (3), September/October 2018.

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Blog Entrys

Claar, Simone (2018): The Great Green Illusion: Business as Usual for African Capitalism. ROAPE - Review of African Political Economy, 11.12.2018. Online: http://roape.net/2018/12/11/the-great-green-illusion-business-as-usual-for-african-capitalism/.

Claar, Simone (2015): Update – Struggle of the Zambian economy, AFRASO – Africa’s Asian Options, 12.11.2015, Online: http://www.afraso.org/en/content/update-–-struggle-zambian-economy.

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Publications on Academic Policy:

Cepok, Tobias und Claar, Simone (2018): Schwarz Grüne Hochschulpolitik. In: Liv Dizinger, Kai Eicker-Wolf, Michael Rudolph (Hg.): Verlässlich gestaltet – Perspektiven eröffnet? Bilanz und Aussicht der Landespolitik in Hessen, S. 95-112. Büchner-Verlag, Marburg.



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