Excursion to Frankfurt and Offenbach

Excursion of the student project Climate:Learning:Lab to Frankfurt and Offenbach

The student project of the "Climate:Learning:Lab Part 1" undertook a two-day excursion to Frankfurt and Offenbach in the summer semester of 2023 to expand their knowledge of climate, weather in the context of ASL. Led by Prof. Dr. Britta Jänicke and M. Sc. Nisha Patel, the students explored the fascinating world of climate research.

The excursion started at the Institute for Atmosphere and Environment of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. There, the Taunus Observatory was presented with its history and current research activities on the climate impact of aerosols.

During the subsequent visit to the Museum of Communication with the Klima_X exhibition, the group experienced different aspects of climate change and climate communication in an interactive way. Here, the focus was on how climate change is taken up and communicated by society, what emotions climate change triggers and what approaches to solutions are already being implemented.

The weather park in Offenbach contains the synoptic measuring field of the German Weather Service, which made the different sensors and the set-up visible. Furthermore, the weather park gives an insight into weather phenomena and measurements by means of installations.

A highlight of the excursion was the visit to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach. The students were given an insight into the state-of-the-art weather monitoring center and learned about the work of climate researchers and meteorologists. The latest technologies and research methods in the field of climate modeling were also presented.

The excursion gave the students the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts in the field. They were able to deepen their knowledge of climate change and gain new insights.