Cul­tural Cam­pus

The cultural campus in Frankfurt as a central meeting point in the field of culture, music and dancing forms a new focal point in the city. After removal of large parts of the university the area around the Bockenheimer Depot and the Bockenheimer Warte will be redeveloped with attention of the urban planning.
Here a dynamic developing district connects different cultural poles and trends. An important part for this new cultural center is a concert, ballet and theater hall. This place is a vibrant cultural center for the university and public. Events are taking place for both students and citizens of Frankfurt. This inspiring and open house encourages interdisciplinary interaction and forms a “sonorous” symbol for the new cultural campus across the regional borders. 

supervision Prof. Manfred Grohmann, Philipp Eisenbach, Christopher Hammerschmidt
participants: Mohamad Asser Alhamoud, Julia Happe, Alaa Hattab, Michael Kraft, Alexander Rebein, Benjamin Steffel