Digital detailing offers an opportunity to explore the design space of structural parts, organizing the manufacturing files, and assembly sequences through local geometric differentiation and coding. The studio will focus on the digital design of functional furniture, their constructional morphology, and their transfer into possible furniture pieces in Brandthaus workshop space. Emphasis will be placed on the fusion of industrial design, structure and fabrication, and investigation of connection principles.This studio offers the opportunities to apply computer-based design, structural design, calculation and production methods in an integrated design process on a real 1:1 scale furniture and students have the opportunity to develop experience on all phases of project development.

supervision: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julian Lienhard, Prof. Dipl. Arch. M.Sc. Philipp Eversmann, M. Sc. Seyed Mobin Moussavi, Dipl. Des. Guido Brinkman
students: Enes Ciftci, Majd Al Khaiyat, Philipp Kast, Wenyu Jia, Lena Gattermann, Ahmet Soytek, Franz Hübel