Interdisciplinary connected

We teach and research in the mutual connection of the disciplines architecture, urban planning and landscape planning. The goal of developing space and society sustainably connects all three disciplines. In doing so, it is always necessary to question established practices.

Furthermore, there are teaching and research cooperations with other departments of the University of Kassel, with other universities and non-university institutions on a national and international level. In the context of the University of Kassel, the department is located at an interesting interface between the disciplines of humanities, engineering and art represented here, which makes numerous subject-related links possible in the immediate environment.

Networked & critical from the start

Our department is shaped by the profile of the young and modern University of Kassel, which was founded in 1971 as Germany's first comprehensive university. Comprehensive universities were a counter-design to the classical universities and technical colleges. The idea and structure of the reform universities were characterized by direct exchange between teachers and students, practical relevance, networked, critical thinking and research-based learning.

The University of Kassel celebrated its birthday in 2021 and looks back on five decades of development.

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1971 I Founded as Germany's first comprehensive university.

1974 I The departments 12-Architecture and 13-City and Landscape Planning are linked by joint study and examination regulations

2001 I The comprehensive university is renamed the University of Kassel

2003 I Departments 12 and 13 merge to form Department 6-Architecture I Urban Planning I Landscape Planning

2007 I New study regulations for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs come into effect